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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
  Gay pride

I was walking down the road one day when I passed someone who recognized me, not the most unusual of events. I expected maybe some boring conversation followed by a promise to catch up later which neither of us would follow through. I did not expect what came. After exchanging the usual pleasantries he asked me if I was interested in being paid to do a reading. The opportunity to share my opinions to a paying audience is something that I could never pass up. Naturally I said yes. Then his second request came out (no pun intended),

"Would you like to be in the gay pride parade?"

The response "Do I look insane to you?" sprang instantly to my mind. Oh, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Although unless you deliberately chose to be gay I don't see how it is an achievement which you can be proud of, but that's a minor point of semantics. I'm gay and perfectly happy with that state, I'm willing to share this fact with those who are interested, usually once I know them well enough to share such personal information.


Have you ever seen a gay pride parade? Grown men seem to alternate between wearing women's clothes or leather dominatrix gear, the women generally make up for any testosterone lacking from the men. Drag queens flirt shamelessly with the crowd and drama queens overact with abundant exuberance. A sparkle fills the air from the scattered glitter and sequins. Onlookers watch with the bizarre fascination of a crowd gathered around a train wreck or murder scene.

What on Earth do these people think that they are achieving for gay rights and respect? You ask them about their goals and you'd be likely to hear that they want the community to think of homosexuality as normal. You plan to make them think you're normal by by parading around as a crowd of utter freaks? Haven't you ever considered the logic of this plan? Now I've seen the props being prepared for this march and it's not hard to realize that a uniform shade of garish pink (no sorry, PINK!) will only result in removing the stereotype that gay people have taste.

The GLBTIQ community (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer... whose symbol of the alphabet soup is rapidly replacing the rainbow) is better off without this kind of representation. I spent years refusing to consider that I could be gay, mostly because the general perception of homosexuality is based upon these freaks who are shoved in everyone's faces.

All the good done by otherwise normal celebrities revealing their alternate sexuality and showing an ordinary life despite it, is undone by those gay-priders who seem to want everyone thinking that we are all crazed victims of a hormone system gone wild. So to those who insist on displaying their sexuality to crowds of people who really don't give a damn, I won't insist that they stop because they never will. All I will ask is to count me out and leave me alone.

As a token of appreciation for this I'm prepared to offer a small conciliatory gesture towards gay pride.

I designed this little icon myself, anyone who wishes to use it is welcome to.
  The people in my course are fantastic. Regular readers may have deduced that I just started studying film a week or two ago, non-regular readers and those who had not realised can now consider themselves informed. Since most of our classes are run by guest-lecturers from the various industries and not actual teachers the time table is frequently changing. Today, our audio lecturer had to reschedule to the afternoon, meaning that we finished fairly late, but I finally got a chance to sleep in this morning.

The reason all this is relevant is that up until now I haven't had much chance to just chat with the other students, a few of the other people catch the train with me and I know them fairly well but most of the others were still strangers. Today because of our new schedule though we had a rather large break in the middle of the day and during the break people got to know one another a little better.

The group I was chatting with began discussing religion, someone mentioned John Travolta was a scientologist and I filled people in on the bizarre stories about scientology that I got from www.xenu.com. In the discussion that followed it turned out that the entire group was composed of atheists. Later on when we were talking about people handing out crazy christian tracts I showed them some of the atheist tracts from www.normalbobsmith.com and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Combined with the fact that at least one person in the course is guaranteed to have seen even the most obscure film that you want to discuss, this is a great environment for me to be in. I'm having a blast.


P.S. You can probably expect my best writings on the weekend, I'm getting pretty damn busy on weekdays. 
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
  How the hell did he get my email address?

Somehow a guy named "Star Platina" [slitmythroat2day@hotmail.com] got his hands on my MSN messenger address and started chatting with me. Since I couldn't remember who he was I chatted for a while to bluff until I recognised him. The conversation that followed was rather... bizarre. This version is slightly abbreviated and then modified to make sense despite the abbreviations, it's still saying roughly the same things. Contact me if you want the actual unmodified log.

Star platina says:
erm, right now i'm jsut training to work under a franchaise

Gossamer says:
oh right, what franchise is that?

EDC www.l88edc.com cool huh?
uh, well the flash finally loaded and let me skip its introduction and it's kind of... obtuse. The front page doesn't give any indication of what it is... Nor do the next 2 pages

yeah, it's like creating a sense of mystery
It's creating a sense of "fuck this I have better things to do with my time"

i thought it's a general advertising trick
I have no patience for advertising... people can provide me with information resources if they want and I'll consider it, but I'm not interested in silly mind-games some advertising person wants to play.

wow that's a cool thing to say
Hmmm, would have sounded better if I'd said "marketing executive officer" in sarcastic quote marks instead of advertising person... but what the hell, first draft.

i just enrolled in nlp, and i discovered it's like bluffing my money hehe
NLP isn't that what they started calling hypnotism after people caught on that it was a fraud?

yeah, there is hynotism in it, they call it Milton it's like talking all sorts of meaningless stuff to so-called tap into your unconscious, that's what they told me, hehe
oooh, special code names.. how cultish. Lol, well you know what Phinneas T Barnum said.

who is Phinneas T Barnum? never heard before
P T Barnum? "There's a sucker born every minute"

hey do you believe human can see the future?
Humans do have certain abilities to predict likely consequences of actions from past experiences and to subconsciously notice general trend and see where they come from. However the idea of supernatural precognition is based on the other uniquely human ability of reinterpreting prophecies to match the events after they occur.

i see... like in Nostradamus
yeah, good example. Why do you ask? Have you seen the future lately or is someone trying to sell you an NLP course to teach you how?

yeah, they say " the future is now" and all sorts of Milton stuffs
What do you think about that?

i think if it's possible it would be amazing
Well you can find out, for a limited time only the ancient secrets of tibetan mystics refined by the most moder psychological sciences is available in our exlusive course, sign up now for only $999.95. Places are limited.

ooo.... sounds great lol well, what if i tell you i can see the future?
Then I'll say "fantastic, what's tommorow night's lottery numbers?

you see, none of us is tomorrow's winner it didnt happen that way
Fantastic prediction... how you can tell that neither of us will win the lottery boggles the mind

the evidence will come out by tomorrow... then you will know it's true hey i gtg, chat wif you next time chiaous

Well, that's the conversation. I'm still not sure whether this guy was kidding around as well or what, maybe you can make some sense out of it. If so then let me know.
  Oh my god, I stopped posting every day.

I broke my chain of posting everyday. When I got home from my course yesterday I was exhausted, as a film making exercise we had to make a short film in 4 hours. For those not familiar with the film-making process, even making a three minute film could take a few days. As the writer and director I was struggling to organise everything and compress the entire process into 4 hours.

The good news is that I succeeded and produced a 3 minute film within the time limit, even though the editing was a little rough-shod. The bad news was that it was the most exhausting experience of my life, I was asleep almost the moment I got home. So anyway, I didn't end up writing anything yesterday. However I'm having a fairly bizarre and interesting conversation with someone I don't remember ever meeting, so I'll transcribe it for your reading pleasure in a moment.

Sunday, February 22, 2004
  I have no life. Okay, well since it's the weekend I've just been relaxing on the computer and spent a fair bit of today doing online personality tests. (what, you thought I had a life?).

If you're interested in seeing what I'm really like, then have a look at the results I received.  
Mourning the death of original thought.

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My online test results.

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